The following scripts are available:

activemq_admin.user.js ActiveMQ admin ActiveMQ admin niggles
bbc_ami_svntrac_cross_li.user.js BBC A&Mi svn/trac cross linking Add links from svn to trac and vice versa
confluenceexportui.user.js Confluence: export select/deselect tree When exporting pages from Confluence, allows select/deselect of sub-trees
confluencelinks.user.js Confluence: extra page links Adds extra page links to Confluence wikis
forge_confluence_tweaks.user.js Forge Confluence Tweaks Various tweaks on Forge Confluence
hide_google_sponsored_li.user.js Hide Google sponsored links Hides Google sponsored links by default
nagios.user.js Nagios: UI tweaks Makes parts of the Nagios UI more useable
no_jira_iframes.user.js No JIRA IFRAMEs Change JIRA IFRAMEs to plain links
pipsv2.user.js pipsv2 Improvements to the PIPSv2 UI
plaingooglelogo.user.js Plain Google logo Replaces Google's "logo of the day" by the plain one
toggle_programmes_stylin.user.js Toggle /programmes styling Adds controls to toggle /programmes service/brand styling
trac_hide_svn_props_chan.user.js Trac: Hide svn props changes In Trac changesets, show/hide props (mainly svn:mergeinfo)
webalizer_ip_lookup.user.js Webalizer IP lookup Within a webalizer page, provide links to look up IP addresses


The following styles are available:

trac_hide_svnmergeinfo.user.css Trac - hide svn:mergeinfo

See also the Utilities page.