Every time your computer fetches a web page (or a graphic, or whatever) from a web server, it sends some information.  If you're interested you can find out what information it sends.  Probably the most important piece of information is your IP address.  It's possible that I might collect and keep all the above information associated with all requests to my web site; however, it's much more likely that all I'll glance at is your IP address, how many pages you visited, and on what day.  Even then, that's pretty unlikely, because chances are I won't even look at that.

If any part of this site requires cookies (or causes a cookie to be sent to your computer), I'll only be using it to temporarily "track" the pages you visit — there will never be any personal information associated with that cookie.

If you choose to contact me via the feedback page, it's possible that I'll contact you in return.  It depends what you say, I suppose.  Note that all pages which contain an e-mail address (currently this is only the "Contact Us" page) log your request, and generate a unique e-mail address which can be tied back to your request.  This is an anti-spam measure.

None of your personal information, including your IP address and your e-mail address (if you provide it), will ever be sold or otherwise made available to anyone else (legal obligations excepted).